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09/2014 bbi-biotech expands the portfolio of automatic sampling systems and sample handling

Besides its bioreactors and fermenters from the xCUBIO seriesbbi-biotech also provides the automatic and sterile sampling system bioPROBE. The patented sampling probe technology allows bioPROBE to take scheduled samples from bioprocess cultivation systems at day and night without any dead space. The accessory handling technology of the SAM-series subsequently transfers the sample to customized process analytical technology. A time-saving and cost-efficient atline measurement has become reality.

PAT – Process Analytical Technologies in an Atline-Complex

ATLINE-Complex with automtatic sterile sampling at fermenters and bioreactors

Since decades the control of biotechnological processes has been based on a tiny group of process values, which can be measured online and autoclavable, namely pH, temperature, turbidity or oxygen content. These provide a superficial view on current conditions within bioreactors and fermenters, but are not able to determine exact data about e.g. cell count or specific cell components. The development of suitable sensors has still not been successful today. Hence, the values are detected offline and with manual operation of specific analytical devices. The results are available on delay and the measurement costs may strongly increase depending on daytime factors.

The automatic and hence immediate measurement (ATLINE-measurement) of valuable additional process parameters was limited by the unavailability of a suitable sampling technology as well as the transfer to analytical automates. The patented sampling technology now enables bioPROBE systems to take samples from bioreactors and fermenters of any type – sterile and fully automatic. This technology is the basis for the successful atline-complex.

Atline-Complexes with bioPROBE and SAM-Systems

Storage or fixation of the biological sample and its in-time transfer to the analytical device are crucial for a successful atline-complex. The different members of the SAM-series provide the optimal equipment for each desired purpose. The orbitSAM is able to sort and store high sample counts, while the coolSAM prepares later analyses by cooling or freezing the sample material. The futural autoSAM will close the gap within the realized atline-complex between sample handling and process analytical technologies.

The sampler functionality of autoSAM provides the opportunity to supply any type of analytical device with the required sample material. The summarized communication between sampling and handling systems, the process analytical technology and process control allows integrating currently unused values into process automation.

The atline-detection of complex process values has become reality.

bbi-biotech has published its extended product portfolio in September 2014 at