Bioreactors & Fermenters

Elevate your bioprocesses to new heights with bbi-biotech’s xCUBIO bioreactors, where unparalleled flexibility merges with state-of-the-art automation to meet the evolving demands of biotechnological innovation. Our xCUBIO series is meticulously designed to cater to a wide spectrum of bioprocess applications, from intricate research and development projects to large-scale production efforts. Let’s delve into the distinct features and advantages of the xCUBIO single, twin, and multi configurations, as well as the specialized xCUBIO in-situ models.

xCUBIO single, xCUBIO twin and xCUBIO multi: Tailored for R&D Excellence

  • Sensor Interface Customization: Equip your bioreactor with a diverse selection of sensor interfaces, ensuring precise monitoring and control across all phases of your bioprocess.
  • Flexible Gasmix Configurations: Customize the gas supply to meet the specific needs of your cultures, optimizing growth and productivity.
  • Diverse Vessel Designs: Select from a range of vessel designs to find the perfect match for your application, whether it’s for rigorous R&D or stepping stone towards production.
  • Built-in Sequence Editor & Comprehensive Data Recording: Simplify the programming of operational sequences with an easy-to-use editor and maintain complete oversight with detailed data recording and real-time display, standard across all xCUBIO models.

Specific Attributes

  • xCUBIO single: Offers a singular vessel, ideal for focused experiments, providing a compact and efficient solution for individual bioprocesses.
  • xCUBIO twin: Features two vessels, facilitating comparative studies or parallel experiments with ease and consistency.
  • xCUBIO multi: Allows for up to 12 vessels, supporting high-throughput experimentation and scalability in research settings.

xCUBIO In-situ: Engineered for Production Scalability

  • Built-In Valve Editor: Enhances the programming of Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) and Clean-In-Place (CIP) sequences, crucial for maintaining sterility and reliability in production environments.
  • Cell Culture-Optimized Vessels: Specifically designed vessels cater to cell culture applications, ensuring optimal growth conditions and scalability.
  • Integrated CIP System: Simplifies cleaning processes, crucial for maintaining sterility and efficiency in large-scale bioproduction.

Advanced Options for Unmatched Process Control

  • Automated Sampling & Transfers: Ensure consistent, sterile sampling and streamline culture or media transfers.
  • High-Foam Adapters & Custom-Designed Impellers: Tackle high-foaming processes and optimize mixing with bespoke solutions.
  • Torque Control: Essential for managing the mechanical force in sensitive cultures or with high-viscosity media, providing an extra layer of precision.

The xCUBIO series by bbi-biotech represents the zenith of bioreactor design, offering an unparalleled blend of customization, automation, and sophistication. Whether navigating the complexities of R&D with our xCUBIO single, twin, and multi reactors, or scaling up production with the advanced xCUBIO in-situ models, bbi-biotech equips you with the tools necessary to advance your biotechnological endeavors from conception through to commercialization, setting new standards in the process.