Founded in 2009 by Mr. Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm, a pioneer in biotechnological engineering, bbi-biotech GmbH is based in Berlin, Germany. We are at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, and distributing advanced fermenter systems, bioreactors, and our revolutionary automatic sampling technology, bioPROBE.

Innovating Bioprocessing

Our proprietary bioPROBE technology automates bioreactor sampling, setting a new industry standard where traditionally 90% of such tasks are still done manually. This innovation not only enhances reliability but also ensures uncompromised sterility without the complications seen in other automated methods.

Global Impact and Recognition

The bbi-biotech logo is a mark of quality and innovation recognized on thousands of bioreactors across the globe, a testament to our heritage and the trust we have cultivated in the market. Our xCUBIO line offers a comprehensive range of bioreactor solutions, from 250ml autoclavable glass bioreactors to 10,000l in-situ sterilizable units, alongside versatile controllers designed for Single-Use vessels, demonstrating our broad expertise and robust market presence.

Philosophies Driving Excellence

We operate under strict principles to ensure the highest quality and client satisfaction:

  1. No compromises when it comes to sterility!
  2. Innovation and customization sets us apart from the competition!
  3. We adapt our products to the process of the customer. We never make the customer adapt his process to our products!

A Trusted Partner

Supported by over 300 specialist suppliers and a network of more than 10,000 industry contacts developed over three decades, bbi-biotech is deeply rooted in the biotechnology sector.

Discover how our innovative solutions are making a difference in the bioprocessing industry and learn more about our cutting-edge technologies on our website.