Steam Generators

Steam Generators for Clean Steam Supply

The steam generators were developed in cooperation with ARA-Service Detlef Mohnke, who his experienced supplier of the whole biotechnology sector and who concentrates on supply and services for autoclaves of all scales. The steam generators have been engineered based on his technology and do now supply fermentors / bioreactors, autoclaves and other systems with clean steam.

Manual Single Steam Generator

  • Modular system, all stainless steel
  • Short lead-time
  • 4-level-heating, manual activation of levels
  • Steam production of ca. 50 kg/h with 150°C and 4 bar (two chamber pressure vessel)
  • Dry run protection, overpressure shutdown, feedwater automatic
  • Dimensions: 1300 x 1500 x 800 mm (H x D x W)

Fully Automated Single Steam Generator

  • Same features as manual steam generator but with fully automated control
  • Touch Display
  • Display of all relevant system parameters & status reports
  • Monitoring of temperatures, pressures, levels
  • Shutdown of the system in case of failure
  • Automatic elutriation device with predefinition of elutriation intervals
  • Remote monitoring via VPN, web or process control system possible
  • Different access rights can be set
  • Qualifiable
  • Dimensions: 1300 x 1500 x 800 mm (H x D x W)

Fully Automated Tandem Steam Generator

  • Same features as fully automated single steam generator
  • two identical, parallel connected electric steam generators
  • Automatic operating switch at low load and parallel operation at high load
  • Time-controlled switching of the steam generators in economy mode
  • In case of fault of one steam generator, the other one can be operated independently
  • Dimensions: 1300 x 1500 x 1600 mm (H x D x W)


  • Water treatment (softening, reverse osmosis, WFI) incl. feed water vessel and high pressure pump
  • Condensate return, cooling of sewage / condensate to a maximum influent temperature of 60°C
  • Frame, castors
  • Service and maintenance contracts by our partner ARA-Service Detlef Mohnke