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Autosampler orbitSAM

Serial Sample Storage on up to 36 Positions

Samplehandling with orbitSAM after automatic sterile sampling with bioPROBE

In case of a high sample count during e.g. biotechnological kinetic experiments, the orbitSAM allows to store up to 36 samples one after another – automatically sorted and separated.

The integrated autosampler autonomously heads for free positions and can optionally be flushed with an extra flushing agent between each storage process.

The orbitSAM has extended sampling variety and can hence hold a central buffer or switching position within a closed Atline-Complex.

Technical Details orbitSAM

Size (W x D x H)

22 x 50 x 25 cm


  • 36 sample vessels à 20 ml
  • 36 sample vessels à 30 ml
  • In development: 24 sample vessels à 50 ml (Falcon tubes), 51 sample vessels à 15 ml (Falcon tubes)
  • Additional sizes on request

Additional Properties

  • Complete automated control via bioPROBE
  • Sample vessels with septa for sterile storage available
  • Optional: cover box with UV-sterilized environment