xCUBIO in-situ

SIP/CIP-Technology for High-end and Scaled Applications

Bioreactors and Fermenters need to be sterilized absolute secure and reliable for working on high sensitivity levels. They have to comply to recent GMP-guidelines and FDA-standards. The challenge for successful sterile tests is to supply steam and/or cleaning detergents to all parts in media contact for 100 % of their surfaces and over the required time.

The xCUBIO in-situ performs these CIP- (Cleaning in Place) and SIP- (Sterilization in Place) processes fully automatic, reliably safe and reproducible.

xCUBIO in-situ: General

  • Reliable and reproducible sterility
  • Practically no dead volumes
  • Standard systems with 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 Litres
  • All additional sizes customized projects up to 15 m³ operating volume
  • Stand-alone bioreactors or integrated installations
  • Qualification-ready, validation supported
  • Most flexible equipment selection: automation, sensors, gassing

xCUBIO in-situ: SIP/CIP sterilisable bioreactor 150 Litres

Technical Equipment and Opportunities

  • Compact skid installation, mobile, even as twin
  • Certified stainless steel vessels
  • Up to 10 internal media pumps
  • Arbitrary external pumps or other drives
  • Most complex gassing regimes with full-grade MFC-control
  • Complete inline sensors selection
  • Automatic sampling, analysis and result feedback (PAT) with bioPROBE
  • Integrated or external steam generators
xCUBIO in-situ: SIP/CIP sterilisable bioreactor 30 Litres

Bioreactor Automation in xCUBIO in-situ

  • 19″-Touch-Display, additional local terminals on demand
  • Complete system display in well-arranged presentation
  • Intuitive operation with pleasant HMI
  • Powerful trend display with analysis tool
  • Flexible sequence editor for arbirtrary user-specific processes
  • Integration into superior process software via OPC
  • Software adaptation to every user demand
  • Value-logging and GMP-compliant storage

The basis of xCUBIO enables bbi-biotech to supply qualified turn-key in-situ bioreactor installations for validated production processes after engineering, procurement, mounting and testing trials. We support the compilation of your necessary documentation.