Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm, CEO  


Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm, founder and CEO of bbi-biotech GmbH, stands as a leading authority in the bioprocess industry. His distinguished career began at Humboldt University in Berlin, where he gained a formidable foundation in mathematics and physics, propelling him into the world of biotechnology research and business development.

Early in his career, Bernd-Ulrich honed his skills at an industrial biotechnology research institute, focusing on data analysis and the optimization of fermentation processes. His transition to B. Braun Diessel Biotech GmbH (later B.Braun Biotech International GmbH) marked a pivotal turn towards commercial roles. There, he led sales and distribution efforts across various European regions, enhancing client relations and accelerating business growth through his expert management.

His professional journey continued to evolve at Sartorius BBI Systems GmbH, where he assumed the role of Head of Marketing, R&D, and Sales for standard fermentation and bioreactor equipment. In this capacity, Wilhelm’s strategic insight and leadership were key to developing and marketing successful biotechnological solutions.

As the CEO of bbi-biotech GmbH, Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm applies his extensive experience in research, sales, and marketing to drive the company’s success in offering innovative, high-quality solutions to the bioprocess industry. Under his stewardship, bbi-biotech has cultivated a reputation for excellence and reliability, positioning itself as a trusted partner in the global market for state-of-the-art bioprocess equipment and services.

Ronnie Wilhelm, Head of Business Development and Sales

With a strong foundation in information and communication technologies from the Technical University of Berlin, Ronnie Wilhelm has been a pivotal figure at bbi-biotech GmbH.

His journey with the company began in the realm of innovation, where he led the development of the automated and internationally patented sampling system, bioPROBE, affirming bbi-biotech’s dedication to cutting-edge bioprocess technology.

Now, as Head of Business Development and Sales, Ronnie not only continues to lead the software team with expertise but also spearheads the expansion of bbi-biotech’s sales strategy. His multifaceted role involves nurturing the company’s growth while maintaining the integrity of its technological advances, particularly in extending the reach of bbi-biotech’s distribution network throughout Asia.

Ronnie’s comprehensive approach to blending development and sales ensures that bbi-biotech’s offerings are not just technologically superior but also globally accessible and supported.

Norbert Metzler, Head of Process Engineering

Norbert Metzler is a seasoned expert in biotechnology and chemical engineering, with over three decades of experience in the bioprocess industry.

Beginning his career in 1989 at FZB Biotechnik GmbH in Berlin, he quickly rose to Head of Production, significantly contributing to the company’s growth and simultaneously expanding his expertise as a service technician with ARA-Service Berlin.

In 1999, he joined B Braun Biotech International as a field service engineer, where he continued to excel through the company’s transition to Sartorius BBI Systems GmbH. Since 2009, Norbert has been at the forefront of bbi-biotech GmbH as the Head of Process Engineering. He oversees the design of fermentation systems and manages essential services including start-up, maintenance, and user training, ensuring top-quality service in bioprocess plant operations.

His involvement in the installation and planning of over 6,000 bioreactors worldwide showcases his vast experience and dedication to excellence, making him a pivotal asset to bbi-biotech GmbH and the bioprocess industry.