The core issue or our range of services is to upgrade your aged technologies or to repair your defective devices in the shortest time in order to minimize downtime and thus save costs. This motto presents the minimalization of standing periods of your production – from reliable engineering during the planning phase, via start up or maintenance of the production plant, up to service works on a running bioreactor plant.

Please find an overview of our service offers below

  • calibration, recalibration and validation support
  • service e.g. for fermenters, autoclaves, mixing systems, temperature control system (independent of the manufacturer)
  • on-site-repair
  • general overhaul
  • performance of annual maintenance according to your specifications or our recommendations
  • fastest procurement of spare parts (Please also see our EShop)
  • user training
  • technical consulting
  • installation and briefing

Bioreactor Engineering by bbi-biotech

Our engineers have years of experience in the biotechnology equipment industry, especially in planning, manufacturing, procurement and development of bioreactor systems.

We will support you in all questions concerning process engineering of fermenters or bioreactors, as well as well as the whole biotechnological Production, including the following:

  • extension or modification of existing fermenter systems
  • engineering (support in planning your new production and research plant, P&I-drawings, 3D-models)
  • technical consulting
  • qualification of your system
  • selection of applicable cultivation technique
  • determination and procurement of the necessary equipment
  • optimization of your process, in especially for continous and perfusion processes
  • planning of your process (instrumentation/system design)