As a distinguished manufacturer of bioreactors and fermenters bbi-biotech takes pride in offering you the highest quality products. Our skilled engineers possess profound bioprocess knowledge, which is incorporated into the development and production of our quality stainless steel products made for biotech. We are more than just a supplier – at bbi-biotech, you receive comprehensive solutions all from one source.

Our extensive range of spare parts, consumables, and equipment meets the demands of applications in biotechnology, biochemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, and the food industry. Whether in research facilities or production plants, our products help you control your processes with precision and efficiency.

In addition to bioreactors and fermenters, we also offer specialized accessories tailored to the individual needs of your applications. From innovative stirring and mixing systems to efficient aeration and gas supply solutions, and intelligent sampling and harvesting systems – we assist you in optimizing your processes and achieving excellent results.

Our competent service team supports you not only in selecting the right products but also in their successful commissioning and beyond. Benefit from our expertise in biotechnology and rely on our long-standing experience.

Showing 1–12 of 737 results

Showing 1–12 of 737 results