Lectures & Training

The biotechnology sectors develops fast. Take profit from the longterm experience of our staff and strain yourselves or your personnel with chosen knowledge from the wide field of biotechnology or touching technologies.

We introduce you to the basics or selected details of biotechological production or we concentrate on issues of measuring and control technologies – please choose your preferred topic from the proposed list below. We will be happy to adapt the content to your personal requirements.

  • general introduction in bioreactor technics
  • bioreactor types
  • advantages and disadvantages, basic conditions
  • PAT – Process Analytical Technologies
  • What is the aim of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)?
  • measurement and control engineering at bioreactors
  • new sensors, online, offline and atline analytics
  • methods of continuous and perfusion fermentation
  • introduction in process control and data acquisition systems
  • documentation and regulatory basics of the cultivation in bioreactors
  • process optimization of production lines (plant design)
  • approaches in process optimization
  • economic evaluation of new, disposable cultivation systems

Please note: At the moment lectures are only held in Germany. Please contact us for details or to discuss other training topics from the whole biotechnology and fermentation sector.