Tailored Bioprocess Solutions

At bbi-biotech, our mission is to actualize your vision with unparalleled precision and personalization. Our expertise lies in custom bioprocess engineering, where we deftly modernize outdated vessels, infuse them with the latest technological advancements, or create new bioprocess systems meticulously tailored to your designs. From the intricate engineering of bioreactors to the sophisticated utility technologies for your biotechnological production, we deliver comprehensive services including basic and detailed engineering as well as full-scale installation – all sourced from a single, expert provider.

Innovating with our flagship technology, bioPROBE, we integrate automated sampling systems that redefine efficiency and sterility in bioprocessing. This patented solution is designed to streamline operations, enhance data accuracy, and minimize contamination risk, all while being adaptable to your existing systems. Incorporating bioPROBE into your project propels your production capabilities into the future of biotechnological innovation.

Explore our curated selection from our reference portfolio below to witness the scope and scale of projects.


xCUBIO in-situ – 650 Liter Pilot Scale Fermenter

  • Application: Agro-Biotechnology
  • Customized engineering and design
  • Fermenter-volume 650 l
  • High-performance stirrer
  • Air and oxygen feed via mass flow controllers, 4-fold cascaded oxygen control
  • Mechanical foam desolator prepared
  • Complete mechanical and process engineering
  • Complete automation system with versatile sterilization sequences

xCUBIO single with autoclavable glass fermenter

  • Application: Waste water analytics
  • Customized simplified equipment set
  • Including tempering unit and high-performance stirrer
  • Integration of an existing autoclavable 5 l fermenter
  • Extension with MFCs and additional sensors prepared

xCUBIO in-situ with seven peristaltic pumps

  • Application: Inoculum-production for milk industry
  • In-situ sterilizable fermenter
  • Seven substrate pumps with free allocation:
    • Media feed, pH-control, harvest
    • Five pcs. pulse width modulated (PWM)
    • Two pcs. analogue controlled (gravimetric flow controller)
  • Separate gas mixing unit
  • Fully automated sterile sequences

Cell culture – Production on Highest Level

  • Bioreactor operating volume 100 l
  • Customized design
  • Complete construction and engineering by bbi-biotech
  • Complete automation system
  • Gasmix unit with four mass flow controllers
  • Split headspace and submerse gassing
  • Automated sterilization
  • Additional sequences for sub-functions (separate sterilization of fresh air, exhaust, sampling, emptying, harvest transfer, inoculum transfer)
  • Delivery incl. bbi-biotech steam generator up to 40 kg steam per hour

Bioreactor modification for cell cultivation

  • Bioreactor operating volume 20 l
  • Modification of bacteria fermenter for cell cultivation
  • Objective: Antibody production
  • Complete new and expanded gas mix unit
  • Split headspace and submerse gassing
  • Optimized and expanded sterile sequences
  • Redesign and refurbishment of automation software

xCUBIO in-situ phar 25 – High-End Photobioreactor

  • Application: Thermophile cyanobacteria (blue algae)
  • 20 l tubular glass module incl. illumination
  • Dimmable and controllable illumination
  • Implementation of flexible daylight cycles
  • Turbidity measurement
  • Touchscreen operation

xCUBIO in-situ phar 25 – High-End Photobioreactor

  • Applications:
    • Species screening
    • Media- and process development
    • Inoculum production
  • 5 l overall volume, autoclavable in whole
  • New system pump for scalable results
  • Free choice of illumination type, wavelengths and sequences
  • Implementation of flexible daylight cycles
  • Multiple sensor installation, exhaust analysis
  • Touchscreen automation with remote access

Automation of industrial microalgae production

  • Applications:
    • Microalgae cultivation for biofuel production
    • Technology comparison
  • New, innovative MUTL-algae cultivation process by IGV GmbH
  • Sensors, automation and analytical software with xCUBIO
  • Automatic control of temperature, CO2 and level
  • Remote access and operating support
  • Picture credit: Forschungszentrum Jülich


xCUBIO retrofit – Upgrade of a B.Braun twin-Fermenter

  • xCUBIO twin, 2 independent bioreactor vessels
  • B.Braun vessel 5 l and 10 l existing from the client
  • xCUBIO expands old functionality with mass flow controllers for air and oxygen
  • Adapter for connection of existing stirrers with new servo drives

xCUBIO retrofit – Biostat ED Upgrade and Refurbishment

  • Upgrade and refurbishment of an in-situ sterilizable fermenter
  • 5 l steel vessel with accessories existing from the client
  • xCUBIO connects plug compatible and replaces broken control unit
  • Exact system copy and novel stirrer for the client

xCUBIO retrofit – Biostat C Upgrade and system summary

  • Upgrade and refurbishment of an in-situ sterilizable fermenter
  • 10 l steel vessel with accessories existing from the client
  • System integrates external analytical devices und replaces broken control unit
  • New stirrer, extended software access and centralized HMI

GE-Xcellerex – Automated with xCUBIO

  • One-way-bag from multi-layer plastic foil
  • Today: XDR-series with 50…2000 l cultivation volume per bag
  • Addressed application field mainly cell cultivation in GMP environment
  • xCUBIO automation during technology development
  • Complete automation system for disposable sensors

Single-use Bioreactor von ATMI/PALL – Automated with xCUBIO

  • Single-use-bioreactor iCELLisTM nano
  • Hard plastics single-use culture vessel
  • Culture matrix with up to 5 m² growth surface
  • System volume max. 1 l
  • xCUBIO with adapted disposable sensors
  • Expansion of existing automation with xCUBIO

Single-Use Bioreactor CerCell – Automated with xCUBIO

  • Hard plastics single-use culture vessel
  • System volume up to 30 l
  • Joint development with manufacturer
  • Complete automation system

Fermenter-Cascade with CIP/SIP-Cleaning

  • Aerobic bacteria production
  • Basic and detail engineering, delivery, assembly and start-up from just one hand!
  • P&I-flow charts, 3D-engineering, calculation of all components, procurement, site management etc.
  • Main fermenter 6500 l
  • Inoculum fermenter 100 l
  • Media vessels, acid, alkali, anti-foam
  • Complete installation CIP/SIP-able
  • Maximized gas feed rates
  • Adaptation to existing building
  • Complete automation with xCUBIO
  • Fully automated operation with closed media
  • Expansion with second main fermenter prepared

Basic Engineering for Industrial Colorant Production

  • Production facility for food additive
  • Basic engineering package incl.
    • Block- and process flow charts,
    • Material flow calculations,
    • Arrangement and 3D-layout,
    • Civil concept engineering with media and energy supply and
    • Economical calculation.
  • Complete production with
    • Strain backup and culture preparation
    • Upstream and complete production,
    • Downstream with harvest and purification up to packaging and
    • Quality insurance.