External xCUBIO Exhaust Analysis

Up to four cultivation systems of every type and scale

Bioreactor and fermenter exhaust contains components, which give information about status and processes inside the cultivation vessel. The CO2-content is directly linked with mammal cell’s respiratory activity while O2-content proves photosynthetic activity in phototrophic cultures. These gas concentrations can additionally be used to calculate factors like the respiration coefficient of all kinds of microorganism cultures.

xCUBIO Exhaust Analysis Specifications

  • Connectivity to exhaust lines of all biosystem suppliers
  • Flexible and simple connections via standardized hoses
  • Coupling behind exhaust cooler
  • Exhaust feed to sensors with overpressure, gas pump as an option
  • Analysis of O2 and CO2 as standard, other gasses (e.g. H2, CH4) as options
  • Well-arranged 10″-touch screen with all relevant system parameters
  • Automatic RQ calculation, other specific adaptations on demand
  • Data export in csv-files via USB-port, as standard analogue signal (4…20 mA) or via Ethernet connection data exchange with SCADA-system
  • Remote access via Ethernet and license-free VNC-client
  • Electricity supply: 110…230 V, 50…60 Hz, 12 A

xCUBIO Exhaust Analysis quad

  • External exhaust analysis for up to four parallel vessels
  • Consecutive analysis of O2 and CO2 and/or other gases in exhaust
  • Automatic switch between the vessels
  • Flexible adjustment of measuring intervals e.g. to adapt to hose lengths
  • Compact unit for space saving installation:
    1. Width: 235 mm
    2. Depth: 360 mm
    3. Height: 230 mm
    4. Weight: app. 6 kg

xCUBIO Exhaust Analysis single

  • External exhaust analysis for one single vessel
  • Continuous analysis of O2 and CO2 in exhaust
    • Compact unit for space saving installation:
      Width: 235 mm
      Depth: 360 mm
      Height: 230 mm
      Weight: app. 4 kg