xCUBIO single – Bioreactors with 1 vessel

Introducing the xCUBIO Single: A Comprehensive Solution for Bioprocess Applications

Unveiling the xCUBIO Single, a versatile and powerful bioprocess solution tailored to cater to the diverse needs of researchers and industry professionals. With its robust features and advanced technology, the xCUBIO Single delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of applications, from basic microbiology to high-end mammalian cell culture. Engineered with the expertise of industry veterans, this cutting-edge product offers unparalleled flexibility, precision, and reliability for all your bioprocess needs.

Key Features of the xCUBIO Single

  • Up to 10 peristaltic pumps with free purpose allocation for customizable fluid handling
  • Up to 12 Mass Flow Controllers for manifold gassing solutions, ensuring optimal gas control and distribution
  • Unlimited sensor and controller selection, allowing for seamless integration with your existing equipment and processes
  • Maximized equipment compatibility for each bioreactor or fermentor, enhancing efficiency and performance
  • Comprehensive support for all applications, including basic microbiology, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria cultivation, and high-end mammalian cell culture
  • Built-in sequence editor for easy customization of process steps and control strategies

xCUBIO Single Fermentor: Starter Kit Microbiology

The xCUBIO Single Fermentor Starter Kit Microbiology provides everything you need for successful cultivation of microbial organisms. This kit includes:

  • Autoclavable cultivation glass vessel with round bottom, available in operating volumes of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, or 10 liters
  • Stainless steel top plate with sensors and additional ports for exhaust, sampling, feed, harvest, and spares
  • Stainless steel vessel support for enhanced durability and stability
  • Powerful stirrer with optimal mixing performance, starting from 0 rpm
  • Sensors and controllers for temperature and oxygen, ensuring precise control of critical cultivation parameters
  • Pulsed gassing with air and oxygen for optimal gas distribution and utilization
  • xCUBIO automation with a user-friendly 19″ touchscreen interface, simplifying operation and data management

xCUBIO Single Fermentor: Starter Kit Cell Culture

The xCUBIO Single Fermentor Starter Kit Cell Culture is designed for the cultivation of mammalian cells, offering:

  • A variety of vessel options, including single-wall, autoclavable steel, and single-use vessels
  • Sensitive stirrer with high transfer rates, starting from 0 rpm for gentle mixing and improved cell viability
  • MFC-controlled gassing with air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, including separate headspace gassing for precise gas control
  • Advanced sensor technology, such as foam and level sensors, integrated exhaust analyzer for O2 and CO2
  • Balances for cultivation and feed vessels, providing accurate mass measurements for improved process monitoring
  • xCUBIO automation cell with prepared perfusion sequences, simplifying the setup and operation of advanced cell culture processes

xCUBIO Single: Options and Extensions for Anaerobic and Aerobic Bacteria Cultivation

For advanced bioprocess applications, the xCUBIO Single offers a range of options and extensions, including:

  • Integrated automatic, aseptic sampling system bioPROBE for seamless sample collection and analysis
  • Integrated exhaust analyzer for O2 and CO2, including online calculation of gas consumption rates (RQ)
  • Bidirectional integration into superior process control systems via OPC for streamlined data management and process control
  • Additional available sensor technology, such as turbidity, vessel overflow protection, level control, conductivity, redox potential, and balances for cultivation and media vessels

Experience the xCUBIO Single Difference

With its innovative design, exceptional performance, and comprehensive features, the xCUBIO Single is the ultimate solution for all your

bioprocess needs. Whether you’re working with basic microbiology, anaerobic or aerobic bacteria, or advanced mammalian cell culture, the xCUBIO Single offers an all-encompassing solution tailored to your specific requirements.

The built-in sequence editor empowers you to easily customize process steps and control strategies, ensuring that the xCUBIO Single adapts seamlessly to your unique workflow. With its intuitive 19″ touchscreen display, xCUBIO automation simplifies operation and data management, allowing you to focus on achieving exceptional results in your research and development efforts.

By incorporating the xCUBIO Single into your laboratory or production facility, you’ll benefit from the reliability, precision, and flexibility that only a state-of-the-art bioprocess solution can provide. Designed and developed by industry veterans with an unwavering commitment to quality and performance, the xCUBIO Single is the ultimate choice for bioprocess professionals seeking a comprehensive and adaptable solution for their diverse needs.

Embrace the future of bioprocess technology and elevate your research and development capabilities to new heights with the xCUBIO Single. Contact us today to learn more about how the xCUBIO Single can revolutionize your bioprocess operations and help you achieve unparalleled success in your field.