Press Pictures

Please find pictures of products by bbi-biotech, which you may download in png- or jpg.- format below. If you need another format or a higher resolution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Logo bbi-biotech GmbH

The brand bbi-biotech is a well known synonyme for innovative fermentors and bioreactors. The logo and the acronym bbi have been used in the biotechnology sector for decades and up to now around 40,000 fermenters have been sold with this branding worldwide.

The logo is is a protected phrase and image brand by the CEO Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm. Please ask for a written approval before use.

Bioreactor Control Unit xCUBIO

By using the latest technologies and having decades of experiences bbi-biotech developed a modular system for the control of the process in a bioreactor. The xCUBIO system is a toolbox with predefined modules which can be adapted unproblematically and in shortest time to the needs of the customer.

Sampling System bioPROBE

Production processes in a bioreactor need to be controlled at any time. Hereby physical (e.g. temperature), chemical (e.g. pH-value) and biological (e.g. cell number) factors are of interest. E.g. the following question is important: Is the glucose- level for the cells living in a bioreactor sufficient for an optimal growth? For an offline analysis of these parameters (separated from the process) a manual sampling was necessary until now. But at the same time the sterility of the process has to be secured and the taken sample has to be as small as possible for not disturbing the process in the bioreactor.

To fulfill all these demands bbi-biotech has developed the sterile sampling system bioPROBE. The device offers a fully automated, dead volume free sampling of volumes between 5 up to 50 ml from bioreactors and a direct connection to modern analytical systems. It is working 24/7, can be operated autarc or via remote control by a superior process control system. Service is possible with web application via PC or smartphone. The sampling system can be used with all types of reactors- disposable, stainless steel or glass.