Qualification & Validation Support

Pharmaceutical regulations require a series of tests and trial runs in advance before new production plants can be set up. bbi-biotech provides valuable support during the qualification and validation of proccesses and the installed technical components.


We do the plannings, we keep your plants up to date, we repair errors as fast as possible – everything in a close communication with you. Our portfolio of services contains lontime experience in bioreactor operation, whith which we may support your producing facility or which consult your project during the edevelopment phase.

Lectures & Training

Take profit form the longtime experience of our staff  and train your personnel based on our experienced knowledge from biotechnology and related business areas. We do the trainings a you site or organize alternatives.

Projects & Engineering

We engineer bioreactors and the utility technologies for your biotechnological production and supply basic and detail engineering as wall as the wohl installation – all from one source.