bioPROBE single

Automatic Sampling from a Single Bioreactor

bioPROBE single is the entry-level version of automatic and sterile sampling from bioreactors and fermenters.

It does not require much space in table-top installation and is easy to integrate into existing laboratory installations.

The sophisticated system design completes the Process Analytical Technologies with quality and functionality. An autoclaved sterile hose set secures the fixed connection of bioPROBE single with any type of bioreactor at any place.

It is mobile and can easily be transferred to another bioreactor or fermenter, if required. bioPROBE single can be completed with SAM-Series handling systems to build a closed and fully automatic sampling system.

An optional flushing system can be integrated in case of extended sterility requirements.

The innovative sampling system bioPROBE can extract sterile samples from bioreactors without dead volume and at arbitrarily defined times.

The sampling system contains a probe, a pump, a pneumatic unit and it includes a control system which was specially developed for sterile sampling procedures.

The bioPROBE only samples the volume from the bioreactor which is necessary for analytics or quality control. Sample volumes from 2 ml are possible, while no volume is wasted in hoses or other parts of the sampling system.

The transportation of the samples with a sterile gas allows an automatic cleaning of the hose system. An optional flushing prevents contamination or falsification of consecutive samples.

Features of the sampling system bioPROBE single

Basic featuresautomated sampling from ONE bioreactor|fermentor
suitable for all bioreactors (disposable, autoclavable, in-situ)
cell-containing sampling (filtration optional)
External devicesAutosampler of SAM-Series (Standard)
external Analyzers (optional)
Operation2-way LED-panel
Browser configuration via Ethernet
Probesstainless steel sampling probe (included with bioPROBE)
disposable sampling probe
Rinse with sterile air (standard)
Rinse with cleaning fluid (optional)
Dimensions (W x D x H)22 x 50 x 25 cm

Galery sampling system bioPROBE single