External xCUBIO Gas Mix Station

Expand your biosystem’s opportunities!

Correct gassing is crucial for successful cultivation of every microorganism. But the requirements strongly vary from species to species: aerobic bacteria are supplied with intense oxygen and/or air feed, which additionally ensures good mixing, while mammal cells demand for very sensitive processing. Lithotrophic specialists, who live on ammonia or hydrogen sulphide, are very precisely fed with gas to prevent media turning due to overfeed.

Many new approaches or changed objectives result in similar challenges: does your bioreactor or fermenter not have gassing opportunities with mass flow controllers (MFCs) or automatic valves to fulfil current demands? Our autarchic xCUBIO gas mix station expands your installations with easiest methods.

Of course you can bridge damaged, aged or unreliable systems as well. Each gas mix station will be customized by your specific requirements.

xCUBIO gas mix station Specifications

  • Connectivity to exhaust lines of all biosystem suppliers
  • Flexible and simple connections via standardized hoses
  • Customisation for all applications
  • Multiple gassing regime opportunities:
    High cell density cultivation
    Oxygen enrichment
    Cascaded gassing control
    Split between submerse- and headspace gassing
  • Detailed system solutions on demand

Technical Equipment

  • Up to four gasses (Air, O2, N2, CO2 etc.)
  • All gas tracks with back-pressure reducers
  • Control of each gas with 1 or 2 MFCs
  • Overall opportunity of up to 8 MFCs
  • Up to 8 rotameters
  • All flow ranges from cells up to microbiology at every scale
  • Two gas mix outlets to cultivation system
  • Integration option: exhaust analysis for automatic calculation fo RQ and control of media feed setpoints