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Atline Complex

Direct Feedback of External Analytical Results into Bioprocess Control

Since decades the control of biotechnological processes is based on a tiny group of process values, which can be measured online and autoclavable, namely pH, temperature, turbidity or oxygen content. These provide a superficial view on current conditions within bioreactors and fermenters, but are not able to determine exact data about cell count or specific cell components.

The development of suitable sensors has still not been successful today. Hence, the values are detected offline and with manual operation of specific analytical devices. The results are available on delay and the measurement costs may strongly increase depending on daytime factors.

ATLINE-Complexes with Automatic Sampling, Handling and Analyses

ATLINE-Complex with automatic sterile sampling at bioreactors and fermenters


Complex installations which automatically determine process values without manual intervention and feed the result back to process control are called ATLINE-Complex. These operate in parallel to the surveyed bio process and allow automation levels which are unavailable by the current standard. The realization of ATLINE-Complexes is now simplified with our bioPROBE, which ensures the automatic and sterile sampling from bioreactors and fermenters.

Our SAM Sample Handling Systems provide the organizational structure, which can adapt sample storage and transfer processes to various analytical tasks and principles. All network components are controlled by the automation of bioPROBE, which is additionally able to transmit the results in the most common signal protocols.

Our Service

bbi-biotech has examined and established the connection and the communication with several analytical instruments and automation systems during the development of bioPROBE.

We now provide our expertise for developing your specific ATLINE-Complex with the following services:

  • Analysis and evaluation of measuring task and existing analytics
  • Conception of a closed measuring process system
  • Integration of all task into the control system of bioPROBE
  • Automatic sampling with our patented probe technology, sample transfer or storage with SAM Handling Systems
  • Delivery of the required sample volume into analytical device
  • Record of measuring result and transfer to bioreactor control
  • Pre-installed in combinations of bioPROBE Sampling Systems, xCUBIO Bioreactors and SAM Handling Systems