Sampling & autosamplers

Transport and storage of bioreactor samples with autosamplers

The autosamplers of the SAM series by bbi-biotech are an important component for building a complete PAT solution.

Our autosamplers are directly controlled via bioPROBE and adapt to most situations in a modern biotech lab.

Samples are not only taken sterile but will also be stored sterile until needed for further analysis.


  • More than 40 Extension Packs for Storage, Cooling, Filtration and Integration of External Analyzers
  • directly controlled by bioPROBE single or bioPROBE quad for sampling from 4 bioreactors
  • for the storage of up to 384 samples


  • basic model
  • directly controlled by bioPROBE
  • for the storage of up to 51 samples


  • precise temperature and heating profile controlrung
  • based on the proven Thermostat-C-Series by Eppendorf
  • for the storage of 4 or 8 falcon tubes