Sampling Accessories

The different bioPROBE versions can be adapted to your specific process or any other individual mounting situation with simple accessory parts, as regards to the material choice of the crucial core of automatic sampling, our exclusive sampling probe, as well as all other media contact disposable parts of the whole system.

Sampling probes

The bioPROBE System is based on the patented sampling technology, which we use under exclusive license of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. The sample material is covered with a sterile air bearing when sampled from the cultivation vessel and is afterwards transferred through the probe and a hose set to any collecting vessel. The sampling probes and the whole hose set are produced under clean atmosphere and are supplied pre-sterilized.

The probes do not need any steam supply to ensure sterile conditions, as the internal sealing of the probe’s head prevents from contamination with culture suspension as well as biofilm building. The sampling spot itself cannot be blocked by a biofilm as possible cell filtration for media measurements is done after the sampling process.

Sampling Probe Stainless Steel
Probe Length165 mmUp to 500 mm!
  • in-situ autoclavbale
  • GMP-certified steel
  • Installation in standard 12 mm bioreactor ports
  • Sampling Probe Disposable Set
    Probe Length65 mmUp to 500 mm!
  • Probe and hose set pre-sterilized for immediate installation
  • FDA-certified plastic material
  • Installation in standard 12 mm bioreactor ports
  • Hose Sets With or Without Flushing Utility
    ApplicationSterile connection of bioreactor, bioPROBE and handling-systems before cultivation start-up
    Sampling HoseLength: 1,8 m (Santoprene™ – USP Class VI), for both probe types
    Flushing HoseLength: 1,8 m, for both probe types
    Sterile Filter
    PVDF 12mm for pressured air
    FittingsCheck valve, hose valve
    CannulaLength 150 mm; for sample transfer to sampler, analytics or any other vessel
    Opt.: Auto-FlushingFlushing tank 0,5 L; additional hose material
    Probe Adapters
    • For retrofitting existing bioreactors / fermenters
    • For 12 mm, 19 mm and 25 mm ports
    • Threads, lengths and other adaptations after technical clearance