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05/2021 – Single-use – No problem!

Customer wishes have the top priority for us. Do you have a process which runs off only under special conditions optimally? Then we are the engineers of your choice. We extend our port folio in interfaces for different Sensorik and Aktorik on and on, so that we are armed for all your ideas and wishes. Hence, we are glad to be allowed to welcome the OneFerm pH probe of Hamilton in our rows. Therefore it is possible to you from now to connect single use Sensorik to our controls uncomplicated also. Lastingness is capitalised with us, however, we do not know the single use products with different processes any more are to be imagined as not existing. We offer you a control in the highest quality and lifetime which can be equipped for any processes to offer you the best flexibility. Therefore it is not surprising that we put already more than 100 different Sonsortypen and protocols for the choice to you to equip themselves optimally for your processes. To us is aware: Who has the choice, has the torture. We discuss you of course with pleasure for the right choice. Our employees can fall back on up to 30 years of work experience to be able to offer to you also with complicated questions the best configuration.