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02/2021 – xCUBIO Glucose Sampling: No more offline glucose tests!

Work has been going on for 20 years to measure glucose during the process. Jobst Technologies developed a glucose flow sensor with which it is finally possible to detect glucose and also lactate and even to regulate it afterwards. For this purpose, sample is automatically and sterilely drawn from the culture vessel, passed through the sensor and a measured value is determined. We offer you the unique possibility to measure and record the glucose concentration in cell cultures or even in bacterial processes in real time. An intelligent control circuit makes it its business to monitor this value and to add glucose or another C-source as needed according to your calculations and wishes. This greatly reduces the number of faulty batches and makes the process more transparent. It can be calibrated to their medium and requires only a single sample.Due to the microfluidic design, only a few μl of a sample are necessary to guarantee precise results! The most important key data for the xCUBIO Glucose Sampling:

  • Measuring range 0 mM – 25 mM 0 g/l – 4. 5 g/
  • Measuring accuracy 0.01 mM
  • Temperature range 10°C-40°C
  • pH stability 6 – 8