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06/2021 – Youth also does research with bbi – calibration for MFCs

bbi-biotech also trains! With pleasure it is helped student to collect more practise experience in the areas of Mechanical engineering and construction, software and automation, service and test management, procedure technology as well as electrical engineering. Here nobody cooks coffee, but initiative and independence are expected! An example is the project for the development of an automated MFC calibration. The student in the area of Biotechnology had the job to lay out an exact measuring apparatus, to construct and to program. In addition a comprehensive search was necessary first. Of course we make available to our trainees a personal job with company laptop to be able to work independently. However, only teamwork leads to the best results! A common brainstorming, arguing and fiddling give in the area of Research and development mostly pleasure! And already followed actions! Even an exact made glass pipe was instructed with a glassblower to lead to success the project. And with an Einplatinenrechner and a small introduction to the electrical engineering there stood already the first prototype in which test could be carried out. Many data were collected, evaluated and presented of course at the end. As a result are becomes to our solution an other step got closer. We hope in future other students to be allowed to look, to go on working on this project and to be able to tackle new projects!