xCUBIO multi – bioreactor with up to 12 parallel vessels

Multi-installation with up to 12 Parallel Cultivation Vessels

The xCUBIO multi controls up to 12 bioreactors and fermentors at the same time! Operation and detection of the process values are concentrated on the central 19” touchscreen control terminal. Controllers, media pumps and amplifiers of xCUBIO multi are installed in separate twin supply towers next to the cultivation vessels, remotely controlled via Ethernet interfaces.

Technical Information xCUBIO multi

  • Central 19″ control terminal in elegant design
  • Twin-suply-towers directly control biosystems
  • Up to 12 cultivation vessels with just one single terminal
  • Up to 5 peristaltic pumps with free purpose allocation per vessel
  • Up to 6 mass flow controllers per vessel for multiple gassing opportunities
  • Step-wise system setup without further supplier’s staff demands
  • All applications from basic microbiology up tu perfusion cell cultivation

xCUBIO multi: 19” Bioreactor Fermentor Control Terminal

The xCUBIO multi can control up to six twin supply towers with two connected vessels each. This is how up to twelve cultivation vessels can be operated in parallel for microorganisms of every kind.

The system allows basic microbial application as well as customized perfusion systems for continuous cell cultivation.

xCUBIO multi Bioreactor Twin Control Tower

The xCUBIO multi control terminal controls, analyzes and archives the activities in all cultivation vessels, which are connected by LAN-connected supply towers. Each supply tower can be flexibly equipped for different applications.

xCUBIO multi Terminal and Controller Pilot Installation

The split of process analysis and process control allows to operate the cultivation vessels by remote from a separate room with full access to every process parameter. If the xCUBIO multi-installation is done on site together with the controlled biosystems, all current process information is intuitively displayed on the scene within a most compact installation.