xCUBIO twin – Bioreactors with 2 vessels

xCUBIO Twin Bioreactor and Fermentor: Double the Efficiency with Two Cultivation Vessels

The xCUBIO twin is a state-of-the-art bioreactor and fermentor system designed for space- and resource-saving parallel operation in two vessels, utilizing just one single automation. This innovative solution enables experiments to be conducted in steps while maintaining perfect aseptic conditions for both vessels. With the option to have different vessel geometry or equipment, comparative tests of two distinct approaches can be performed simultaneously. The revolutionary Scale-in-One-Design offers integrated scaling with internal inoculum production – fully automated!

xCUBIO Twin Bioreactor and Fermentor: Unparalleled Flexibility and Efficiency

Technical Details of the xCUBIO Twin

  • Parallel cultivation or separate operation with two vessels
  • Scale-in-One-Option: fully automated scaling process in just one device!
  • Autoclavable vessels up to 10 liters
  • Identical vessel equipment or free selection

General Information

  • Vessel selection: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10 liters
  • Standard: autoclavable
  • Optional: airlift, stainless steel
  • Up to 5 pumps per vessel
  • Up to 6 mass flow controllers per vessel
  • Cell package: sensitive mixing, controlled headspace gassing, integrated perfusion process

xCUBIO Twin – Scale-in-One-Design with 1 L and 10 L Vessel: Integrated Scaling Process

Space-saving and resource-saving

  • Free combination of selected vessels
  • Automatic harvest into scaled vessel, controlled by unrestricted parameter sequences – free selection
  • Integrated inoculum production
  • Two different cultivation vessels, just one single automation
  • Space-saving and resource-protecting

Experience the power of dual-cultivation capabilities with the xCUBIO twin bioreactor and fermentor. This advanced system offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to conduct parallel experiments or separate operations in two vessels while using only one automation system. The Scale-in-One-Design further enhances the system’s capabilities by providing a fully automated scaling process in a single device.

Choose the xCUBIO twin to elevate your bioprocess projects to new heights. Discover the wide range of applications and the impressive performance spectrum of this cutting-edge solution for bioreactors and fermentors. If you have any questions or need further information, our team is always available to help. Contact us today and find out how the xCUBIO twin can revolutionize your work in the bioprocess industry!