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05/2017: Current market overview bioreactors with bbi-biotech at the top

Not only alphabtically bbi-biotech and its family of xCUBIO bioreactors are heading the market overview of bioreactor manufacturers in the professional journal labo. With a few glances it is easy to see that xCUBIO is technologically superiour and offers an unknown flexibility and customizability.

xCUBIO twin Bioreactor

Bioreactor xCUBIO twin

A single xCUBIO control can be used for a small lab vessel as well as for the high demands of a production site with several thousand liters working volume.

Just to name a few of the superiour characteristics of xCUBIO:

  • Largest selection and flexibility f sensor equipment
  • Largest selection of vessels
  • More Pumpen and more MFCs possible than with any other manufacturer
  • Freely assignable control loops for all process values
  • Freely programmable sequence editor for complexe experiment planning (loops, log- and exp-functions, feeding profiles) and max flexibility
  • Import and export of recipes and configurations for easy handling
  • Free selection of sensors
  • Process data vizualization and -analysis of all Inputs and Outputs über beliebige Zeiträume
  • CSV-Data export via USB
  • Bi-directional SCADA connection via OPC or Ethernet
  • Remote-Control via VNC
  • 4 freely assertable Hi/Lo alarms for every process parameter
  • GMP capability
  • 19″ Touchscreen
  • Integration of automated sampling system bioPROBE
  • Integration of downstream prozesses

Click here for a download of the complete market overview (German language).