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06/2017 – Bidirectional connection of Matlab and Simulink for all xCUBIO Bioreactors

bbi-biotech is proud to announce a new standard feature for all xCUBIO bioreactors – seamless connectivity with Matlab and Simulink. With the help of OPC Toolbox, the xCUBIO user can easily connect xCUBIO bioreactors to Matlab or Simulink, read, write, and log OPC data.

xCUBIO twin bioreactors with autoclavable vessels

Once again bbi-biotech proves that the automation possibilities of xCUBIO bioreactors are not matched by any competitor – e.g. sequence editor for programming advanced experiment settings with ramps, logistic, exponential curves, remote control features, integration of sampling, up- and down stream.

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bbi-biotech GmbH develops, manufactures and provides bioreactors and fermenters from its xCUBIO series for all biotechnological applications. Sophisticated automation tasks in GMP-compliant environment are implemented as well as efficient refurbishments of existing bioprocess systems and cultivation vessels. bbi-biotech is renowned for its unique, patented, automatic, aseptic sampling system bioPROBE, that facilitates the integration of external analytics into Atline control processes in even very sensitive or clean cultivation environments of every type and scale – all without additional staff requirements. General biotech consulting, calibration and training services complete the life science portfolio of bbi-biotech.