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01/2014 bbi’s new team member

Biotechnology companies and manufacturers of biotechnological products currently increase their capacities. We realize increasing interest into our xCUBIO bioreactor series and our automatic sampling system bioPROBE. Hence we strengthen our staff with experienced and engaged colleagues for consolidating and enlarging our product and service portfolios.

Beginning January 1st 2014 Mr. Jan Millauer is responsible for our automatic sterile sampling system bioPROBE in our company. After finishing his scientific bachelor and master studies at the TH Wildau in biosystem technology and bioinformatic Mr. Millauer joined TH Wildau as research project assistant from 2008 until 2013. Beside the management of R&D projects, he devoted himself to detailed projects on biotransformation, bioreactor engineering, biofuel cells and on applied plastics and clean-room technology in the life science sector.

We are glad that Mr. Millauer joined our team bringing his expertise and knowledge to bbi-biotech. We assigned the further development of our automatic sterile sampling system bioPROBE to Mr. Millauer to adapt the system to the current requirements from the market. First issues of this process will be the standardization of the different product solutions bioPROBE single, bioPROBE twin and bioPROBE quad. Later on, additional sample storage and handling systems will be adapted and he will concentrate on the atline-integration of more complex analytical technologies.

Please feel free to keep yourself updated on the product pages of bioPROBE.