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02/2014 in-situ bioreactors

The bbi-biotech brand is known for bioreactors and fermenters on high-end level since decades worldwide. Our xCUBIO bioreactor series has a modular and flexible construction and is able to adapt to any biotechnological growth process. We have currently delivered our first standardized in-situ sterilzable bioreactor based on our type xCUBIO twin.

Small scale bioreactors up to operating volumes of app. 5 liters are mostly sterilized in whole inside an autoclave before cultivation. Temperature sensitive sensors are removed and media hoses are plugged with sterile filters to bring the bioreactors to the centralized autoclave. Advantages of these mobile bioreactors are e.g. the complete sterilization of all parts in contact with culture medium, the simultaneous sterilization of the nutrient medium or a relatively easy installation of super-clean steam supply.

In-situ Bioreactors for Cultivation within Biotechnology

in-situ Bioreactor Fermenter xCUBIO in-situ

Proportions change from a certain scale or specific security reasons. The bioreactor vessels have to be built too massive to allow easy handling during transportation to the autoclave. The transport damage risk increases as well as the general mistake hazard. Hence, bioreactors have to be sterilized on site – in-situ – in case of a scaled demand for biotechnological products. Following very basic details have to be issued during bioreactor engineering:

  • All technical parts with media contact must be sterilized.
  • Super-clean steam must be brought precisely to all technical parts.
  • All technical device must be resistant against the pressures and temperatures during sterilization.
  • The sterilization must be logged and has to follow valid GMP- or other guidelines.

The enormous variety of biotechnological processes generally leads to customized and hence expensive planning and purchase costs. bbi-biotech has recently developed the xCUBIO bioreactor toolbox and can now announce the new standardized xCUBIO in-situ bioreactor, which shows an unrivaled count of standard components to choose  for the specified bioreactors. With this standard frame we were able to decrease investment costs for a current project of two parallel operated steel bioreactors with volumes of 5 and 10 liters and finally won the order. We delivered the systems in February 2014 and started them up successfully.