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05/2015: bbi-biotech concentrates its activities at the capital – Berlin Biotech International

bbi-biotech had deliberately chosen the proximity to the German capital’s new airport BER. When founded in 2009, bbi first moved into its offices in Wildau, south-east of Berlin, while the new international airport – project acronym BBI – was started to build in Berlin Schönefeld. Some misunderstandings occurred in that time, which even have been reported in local television news. Finally, the airport’s renaming into BER provided clarification between biotechnology expertise and air traffic services in 2011.

Since 2015-05-07, bbi-biotech has concentrated all its activities within the new office and workshop facilities in the Innovation Park Wuhlheide, nearby the BER airport. “We could provide an interesting contact point to all our international biotechnology partners with concentrating our facilities in the IP Wulheide.” tells bbi’s founder, owner and CEO, Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm. bbi could optimally fulfil the international expectations towards its service with customized biotech solutions of the automatic, sterile sampling system and the flexible, modular fermenters and bioreactors.