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03/2014 bioPROBE with cooling

The first automatic sampling systems of the type bioPROBE MK2 have been delivered to an industrial partner with an included device for chilling the samples in septum-covered vessels. We are happy about our customer’s decision for this innovative system. He is now able to take samples from his bioreactor with a sterile bacteria culture automatically and all around the clock.

Automatic and sterile sampling for easier process analysis

Steriles Automatisches Probenahmesystem bioPROBE

The sampling probe is patented worldwide and exclusively licensed to us by the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. It is built into our customer’s in-situ bioreactors and fermenters with a standard nozzle and the probe remains at the bioreactor during all the sterilization process. Controlled by the bioPROBE MK2, the probe samples exactly defined suspension volumes at precise time stamps for additional offline processes and analyses.

The currently delivered bioPROBE MK2 has been equipped with the new-developed coolSAM, with the aim to take samples during outside laboratory hours at night or weekend and to ensure manual offline analyses with sterile and fresh sample material later on. In this system bioPROBE MK2 delivers the collected sample to chilled and septum-covered vessels, which can be equipped from four up to 24 sample storage vessels on customers request. The cool SAM is equipped with a 3D positioning system for an exact control of the sample positions within the sample collector.

Development auf automated sampling continues

In the beginning of 2014 Mr. Jan Millauer has started his responsible task of product management for the bioPROBE MK2. He guides the permanent continuous development of the automatic sampling system and currently standardizes our sampling packages bioPROBE MK2 SINGLE, bioPROBE MK2 TWIN and bioPROBE MK2 QUAD. We will then be able to integrate them with our collecting units coolSAM and orbitSAM for subsequent analyses.