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03/2018 – Biotech Innovations at Analytica 2018

bbi-biotech is one of Germany’s most innovative biotech-companies. As such, we are glad to exhibit our cutting-edge solutions for the biotechnology sector at the booth of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy at Analytica 2018.

bbi-biotech’s innovations at analytica 2018 at a glance

Completely automated and sterile sampling solutions for every autoclavable and in-situ fermenter

  • solutions for filtering, cooled storage as well as integration of autosamplers and external analyses
  • dead-volume-free sampling for small scale fermenters

xCUBIO multi for truely parallel experiments in up to 24 vessels, suitable for every biotechnology application

  • xCUBIO multi CC for cell cultures
  • xCUBIO multi MO for E. Coli and other microorganisms
  • xCUBIO multi phar bubble for phototropic organisms

bbi LED – best and most customizable LED-illumination for phototropic organisms

up to 8 wavelengths individually adjustablecompletely free choice of LEDs as per customer‘s requirements (warm white, cold white, IR, UV, all wavelengths as 10nm-band, …)

And many more high-performance solutions

  • xCUBIO phar tubular – World’s smallest tubular glass photobioreactor
  • bbi iceBLOCK – waterfree cooling via peltier element for up to 96 samples
  • bbi OD – low-cost integrated solution for optical density mesurements
  • xCUBIO-module for integrated measurement and control of glucose
  • Selection of bbi-biotech accessories like Sacova valves, STT couplings, head pieces, etc..

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