Manual sampler (classical)

The Manual Sampler (Classical) is an indispensable tool for precise and sterile sampling from culture vessels. It is engineered to handle samples up to 15 ml, making it ideal for various bioprocessing applications.

This sampler ensures ease of use and reliable performance, providing uncontaminated samples every time. Perfect for both research and production environments, it integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, enhancing efficiency and sample integrity.

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  • For sampling from bioreactor vessels
  • For samples up to 15 ml
  • 3 hose nozzles in headplate for hose from culture vessel, for sample outlet and for the syringe
  • Sterile filter at the tip prevents unsterile air from entering into the culture vessel while sucking or pushing the sample
  • With holder for mounting on vessel stand
  • bbi-biotech also offers a disposable version!

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1x glass vessel [BBI-43830004], 1x headpiece [BBI-43830005], 1x seal [BBI-44130455], 1x screw cap [BBI-44130456], 1x filter [BBI-44130510], 1x hose clamp [BBI-43830104], 1x holder, 1x silicone tube [e.g.: BBI-44130602], 1x silicone tube [e.g.: BBI-44130601], 1x syringe


borosilicate glass, Stainless steel 316L, silicone, PBT

External thread

GL 25

Internal thread

GL 25

Material certificate 3.1


Roughness certificate


FDA certificate



sampling, BB-8844623


Discover the precision and reliability of our Manual Sampler in action. This video demonstrates how our classical sampling technology ensures accurate and sterile sample collection, minimizing contamination risks while maximizing sample integrity. Perfect for both research and production, see how our innovative design integrates seamlessly into your workflow. Watch now to understand why industry professionals trust bbi-biotech for their sampling needs.


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