2 L single-wall vessel, complete with accessories CC without sensors

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1x 2 L stainless steel stand [BBI-44430021] 1x 2 L lid [BBI-44430022] 1x 2 L single-wall vessel [BBI-44430302] 1x 2 L stirrer shaft, 10 mm [BBI-43230041] 1x powergrip coupling for 10 mm- stirrer shaft [BBI-44430402] 2x 2 L 3-bladed segment impeller [BBI-43230304] 1x 2 L exhaust cooler M 26 x 1 [BBI-43930005] 1x 4-fold addition port, M 26 x 1 [BBI-43630202] 4x blind plug Pg 13.5 [BBI-44130206] 5x blind plug M 10 x 1 [BBI-44130207] 1x 2 L harvest pipe fixed, Di = 4 mm, M 10 x 1 [BBI-43630012] 1x inoculation port with septa for 11 mm port [BBI-43630200] 1x universal adapter 6-4 [BBI-43930003] 1x 2 L Pt100 casing [BBI-43430004] 1x Pt100 temperature sensor, 1 m [BBI-43430020] 2x adapter for 6 mm level probes or dip tubes for harvesting in 11 mm ports [BBI-44630103] 1x antifoam or level probe L=100 mm [BBI-44630003] 1x cable for antifoam or level probe [BBI-44630010] 1x 2 L microsparger without frit [BBI-43530202] 1x Frit, G 1/8, 20 µm [BBI-43530050] 1x 2 L harvest pipe flex, Di = 4 mm, without adapter [BBI-43630037] 1x equipotential bonding cable [BBI-44640980] 1x Consumable starter set autoclavables [BBI-45110100]


stainless steel 316L, borosilicate glass, EPDM black, div.

Material certificate 3.1


Roughness certificate


FDA certificate



culture vessel, bioreactor, fermenter, glass vessel

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