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The xCUBIO family – Customizable Highend Bioreactors Made in Germany

xCUBIO single Bioreaktor oder Fermenter mit maximalem Ausstattungspotenzial
xCUBIO single
xCUBIO twin Bioreaktor Fermenter
xCUBIO twin
xCUBIO multi Bioreaktor Fermenter paralleles Screening
xCUBIO multi
xCUBIO in-situ sterilisierbar Bioreaktor Fermenter
xCUBIO in-situ
xCUBIO retrofit Bioreaktor Fermenter
xCUBIO retrofit

Find out more about our customizable bioreactors and fermentors of the xCUBIO family!

On the other hand you can find here some refurbished bioreactors that can be exactely customized to your needs.

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