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07/2021 – The new PackNgo system: Work and Travel on a different way!

For improvement suggestions and feedback we always have an open ear! Just you as a customer know best which functions you use. Thus originated the new PackNgo system at customer wish. Well and with pleasure are with our customers more than just a control in use. With the PackNgo function you can transfer your configurations, so specific parametres and settings of one xCUBIO unity on another unity. This saves you work and time and guarantees reproduceable data of a process. But it is even more possible! Now whole sequences and also profiles can be simply copied on other xCUBIO controls. Our sequence editor takes pleasure to big popularity to provide anew the same sequence, however, by every control, the joy can also take besides! Automation of repeatable works belongs to our basic motivations, so we have made to ourselves in close collaboration with customers the job to offer the best solution for such problems. Also you should carry out in the sequence changes, these changes can be taken over easily in the sequences on the other controls. We work untiringly for you on developing the best system. Should you be able to dispose already of xCUBIO units we bring you with an update on the newest state. We and you work together and develop together!