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04/2017: Automated Sampling System wins German Industrial Prize 2017

bbi-biotech wins the prestigious INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 in the biotechnology category for its innovative autosampler for sterile sampling multiSAM.

With the start of the HANNNOVER MESSE April 24th, the winners of the prestigious INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 were announced by the Initiative Mittelstand and the Huberverlag für Neue Medien and awarded in a solemn ceremony.

The autosampler multiSAM is as flexible as the possibilities in modern biotechnology. multiSAM can be used for sampling from one bioreactor with bioPROBE single and for parallel sampling with bioPROBE quad. With the help of addons und extension packs multiSAM can be extended in its functionalities and customized to every application.

With the bioPROBE series, bbi-biotech sets The Standard for automated sterile sampling from bioreactors. With the help of bioPROBE, any offline analysis instrument can be connected aseptically to any type of bioreactor. Fermenters made of stainless steel or glass as well as disposable containers and bags can be equipped directly or with bypass solutions.

bioPROBE and multiSAM are thus key components in every modern equipped Biotechnology4.0 laboratory, which puts emphasis on efficiency and repeatable results. For the PAT initiative of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), bioPROBE is a key element for all following automation steps.

About bbi-biotech GmbH

bbi-biotech GmbH develops, manufactures and provides  bioreactors and fermenters from its xCUBIO series for all biotechnological applications. Sophisticated automation tasks in GMP-compliant environment are implemented as well as efficient refurbishments of existing bioprocess systems and cultivation vessels. bbi-biotech is renowned for its unique, patented, automatic, aseptic sampling system bioPROBE, that facilitates the integration of external analytics into Atline control processes in even very sensitive or clean cultivation environments of every type and scale – all without additional staff requirements. General biotech consulting, calibration and training services complete the life science portfolio of bbi-biotech.

About the Industrial Prize 2017

The Huber Verlag für Neue Medien awards the INDUSTRIEPREIS annually  at the HANNOVER FAIR for out-standing and progressive products. A high-caliber jury consisting of professors, scientists, industry experts and professional journalists evaluate for maximum objectivity. Decisive for the decision of the jury are the progress (novelty, product maturity and future orientation) as well as the economic, social, ecological and technological benefits of the submitted products and solutions.