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02/2023 No More Downtime: Keep Your Bioreactors Running Smoothly with bbi-biotech’s Annual Maintenance

As an experienced laboratory user, you know how important regular maintenance of bioreactors is. Without regular maintenance, downtime and expensive repairs can quickly occur, delaying your production. At bbi-biotech, we specialize in maintaining and operating bioreactors effectively. We offer annual maintenance contracts that include a variety of components and procedures, such as checking inlet and outlet ports, inspecting seals and O-rings, and calibrating sensors. This ensures that your bioreactors operate without disruption, achieving maximum efficiency for your production. Since every lab has unique requirements, we offer tailored maintenance contracts that are customized to your specific needs. We work closely with you to ensure that your bioreactors are kept in optimal condition and offer training and consulting services to ensure that you can maximize the use of your systems. We understand that time is money and downtime must be avoided. That’s why we offer you a convenient and affordable way to ensure that your bioreactors run smoothly. Simply contact us at to request a tailored annual maintenance contract and optimize your production. Our experienced team is proud to offer you excellent service and maintenance to allow you to concentrate on your production. Visit our accessory shop to learn about our wide range of bioreactor accessories. Don’t wait any longer and make sure your bioreactors are in perfect condition. Contact us today at to receive your customized maintenance solution.