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01/2018 – Most Innovative Fermenter & Bioreactor Supplier 2018

2018 starts with a big success for bbi-biotech GmbH. bbi-biotech wins the Biotechnology Awards 2018.

Proudly bbi-biotech CEO Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm received the news, that bbi-biotech was awarded Most Innovative Fermenter & Bioreactor Supplier 2018 & Best Automatic Sampling System: bioPROBE by GHP Magazin. Against fierce competition bbi-biotech won with its xCUBIO bioreactors and the sampling solution for bioreactors bioROBE.

In addition to the sophisticated concept of xCUBIO bioreactors the judges were especially impressed by bioPROBE, the solution for sterile sampling from bioreactors.
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About bbi-biotech GmbH

bbi-biotech GmbH develops, manufactures and provides bioreactors and fermenters from its xCUBIO series for all biotechnological applications. Sophisticated automation tasks in GMP-compliant environment are implemented as well as efficient refurbishments of existing bioprocess systems and cultivation vessels. bbi-biotech is renowned for its unique, patented, automatic, aseptic sampling system bioPROBE, that facilitates the integration of external analytics into Atline control processes in even very sensitive or clean cultivation environments of every type and scale – all without additional staff requirements. General biotech consulting, calibration and training services complete the life science portfolio of bbi-biotech.