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10/2018 – bbi-biotech is hiring

The strong demand for bbi bioreactors makes it possible to accelerate growth. bbi-biotech is looking for the next possible date for

03/2018 – Biotech Innovations at Analytica 2018

bbi-biotech is one of Germany’s most innovative biotech-companies. As such, we are glad to exhibit our cutting-edge solutions for the biotechnology sector at the booth of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and

01/2018 – Most Innovative Fermenter & Bioreactor Supplier 2018

2018 starts with a big success for bbi-biotech GmbH. bbi-biotech wins the Biotechnology Awards 2018. Proudly bbi-biotech CEO Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm received the news, that bbi-biotech was awarded Most Innovative Fermenter & Bioreactor Supplier 2018 & Best Automatic Sampling System: bioPROBE by GHP Magazin. Against fierce competition bbi-biotech won

12/2017 – On Demand Bioreactor systems for the bioproduction of tomorrow

The transfer of technology along the entire value chain has a major influence on the success for innovations in biotechnology. Whether the “tongue as a sensor”, the development of regenerative therapies or new ways in drug development – at this year’s BioBalance, successful projects and new platforms for technology transfer from the Berlin-Brandenburg region are presented.

11/2017 – Cooperation network “UseCO2” extended for another two years

The Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)) has extended the support of the cooperation network “UseCO2” for another two years as part of the „Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand“ (ZIM). The aim of the network is to use carbon dioxide (CO2) as a raw material for the production of chemical building blocks and to produce a variety of environmentally friendly products from these. As coordinator and network management, IBB Netzwerk GmbH was also commissioned by the cooperation partners.

09/2017 – bbi exhibitions in Autumn 2017

bbi-biotech is very proud to present of its portfoliio for the very first time in its history at the 54th CIPM – the leading fair for pharmaceutical machinery at the Asian continent. Only a couple of days later you can visit us at

07/2017 – bbi Photobioreactors at 10. Bundesalgenstammtisch

The selection of topics for this year’s 10th National Algae Table on 11. and 12. September 2017 shows that bbi-biotech keeps its position as a technology leader in the field of photobioreactors. The focus of this year’s Bundesalgenstammtisch is:

06/2017 – Bidirectional connection of Matlab and Simulink for all xCUBIO Bioreactors

bbi-biotech is proud to announce a new standard feature for all xCUBIO bioreactors – seamless connectivity with Matlab and Simulink. With the help of

05/2017: Current market overview bioreactors with bbi-biotech at the top

Not only alphabtically bbi-biotech and its family of xCUBIO bioreactors are heading the market overview of bioreactor manufacturers in the professional journal labo. With a few glances it is easy to see that xCUBIO is technologically superiour

04/2017 – bbi-biotech visits interphex 2017

Like every year bbi-biotech sent a small team to interphex 2017 in New York to strengthen our networks on the other side of the Atlantic, have discussions with clients and suppliers and present our automated and sterile sampling system bioPROBE. In an interview with the editor of the Pharma’s Almanac on the topic Better Data in Bioprocessing bbi’s CEO Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm talks about the motivation for the development of bioPROBE,

04/2017: Automated Sampling System wins German Industrial Prize 2017

bbi-biotech wins the prestigious INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 in the biotechnology category for its innovative autosampler for sterile sampling multiSAM. With the start of the HANNNOVER MESSE April 24th, the winners of the prestigious INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 were announced by the Initiative Mittelstand and the Huberverlag für Neue Medien and awarded in a solemn ceremony.

07/2016: New Network „UseCO2“: bbi contributes Know-How within a cooperative founding project

The German Federal Ministry of Economies and Energy (BMWi) has approved the application for founding the cooperative network “UseCO2” on July 28th 2016. The overall 18 network partners are going to develop sustainable products via biotechnological and chemical-physical processes, which fix and use carbon dioxide (CO2) as raw material.

05/2016: Messerückblick: Erfolgreicher Auftritt auf der Analytica

Die erstmalige Präsentation unseres gesamten Biotech-Portfolios war ein voller Erfolg. “Das ist das beste Bioreaktor-Programm der ganzen Messe!” war nur einer der Kommentare zu unserem Stand. Mit dem multiSAM feierte zudem das Bindeglied für die echte PAT-Einbindung in die Bioprozesskontrolle seine öffentliche Weltpremiere.

04/2016: See xCUBIO Bioreactors and the novel Autosampler multiSAM at the Analytica 2016: Hall A3, Booth 325

We look forward to welcome you from Mai 10th to 13th on the Analytica 2016 at the Munich Fairground, Germany, in Hall A3, booth 325. Discover the novel bioreactor concept xCUBIO multi with its central operating terminal and let yourself get introduced into our unrivalled sampling system bioPROBE, connected to the novel Autosampler multiSAM.

11/2015: bbi’s Automated Aseptic Sampling System bioPROBE goes Industry 4.0!

Berlin, Germany, 19.11.2015. The federal minister of economies, Sigmar Gabriel, the federal research minister Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka and SIEMENS director Prof. Dr. Siegfried Russwurm presented a national virtual map of existing Industry 4.0 solutions. Our fully automated, aseptic sampling system for bioreactors and fermenters, bioPROBE, is one of the app. 200 examples, which have been introduced during the national German IT summit on Nov. 19th 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

11/2015: Fastest Spare Parts Supply for Bioreactors and Fermenters from the novel Biotech-Shop by bbi

The bbi biotech-shop has a fast and precise bioreactor and fermenter spare parts and accessory search tool for every type and scale.

10/2015: 7200-Liter Fermenter Successfully Commissioned

bbi-biotech designed the new production fermenter based on proven process guidelines for soil bacteria demands. The Oxygen regime is based on stirrer control and gas feed rates and allows the production of up to 5,000 liters culture suspension with homogenous and high Oxygen contents.

09/2015: Berliner Industrie 4.0: Automatic Sampling from Bioreactors and Fermenters

The automatic, aseptic sampling from bioreactors and fermenters is the key to the integration of sophisticated analytical devices into bioprocess automation. But the integration can only really be named Atline-Anylsis, if the cultivation system’s sterility is ensured and if reproducable samples can be taken over longer batch periods.

09/2015: Opening of bbi’s Bioreactor and Fermenter Accessories and Spare Parts Shop

Many clients and R&D-partners told us about their problems to obtain spare parts and accessories for existing bioreactor and fermenter installations. The lacking support by the original manufacturer was the biggest issue. That is why we structured our accessories portfolio and pooled it within our new online-shop.

08/2015: Trainee m/w Automation/Bioinformatic wanted!

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

05/2015: Berlin’s Lord Mayor Michael Müller visits bbi-biotech

On May 27, 2015, Berlin’s Lord Mayor Michael Müller visited bbi-biotech and received an introduction on the automatic sampling system bioPROBE, which has been shown integrated within the world’s smallest tubular photobioreactor, the xCUBIO phar. The Mayor was impressed by the system’s opportunities and gave his promise to continue the successful history of R&D-fundings in the German capital region.

05/2015: bbi-biotech concentrates its activities at the capital – Berlin Biotech International

bbi-biotech had deliberately chosen the proximity to the German capital’s new airport BER. When founded in 2009, bbi first moved into its offices in Wildau, south-east of Berlin, while the new international airport – project acronym BBI – was started to build in Berlin Schönefeld.

03/2015: New Photobioreactors – bbi-biotech proceeds with IGV Biotech’s proven design

The photobioreactor design with glass tubes is the only established closed technology for economic microalgae production worldwide. Headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Otto Pulz, this photobioreactor was brought to market by IGV Biotech at the end of the 1990ies. Until 2014 Prof. Pulz managed to install more than 200 photobioreactors worldwide with the support of bbi’s technology solutions. He contributed a lot to the global research on microalgae.

November 2014: Meet bbi at the International Algae Congress 2014 in Florence, Italy

Production and application of algae are subjects of many research projects worldwide. Algae are presented as a new sustainable resource for food, feed or biofuels. The green, blue or red unicellular organisms naturally grow with light and CO2 and produce a big variety of beneficial components. Most recent developments from the whole world of algae technology are going to be presented and discussed on this year’s International Algae Congress,

September 2014: bbi-biotech expands the portfolio of automatic sampling systems and sample handling

Besides its bioreactors and fermenters from the xCUBIO series, bbi-biotech also provides the automatic and sterile sampling system bioPROBE. The patented sampling probe technology allows bioPROBE to take scheduled samples from bioprocess cultivation systems at day and night without any dead space.

August 2014: Heterotrophic algae production in bioreactors by bbi-biotech

Production and application of algae are subjects of many research projects worldwide. Algae are presented as a new sustainable resource for food, feed or biofuels. The green, blue or red unicellular organisms naturally grow with light and CO2 and produce a big variety of beneficial components. But a real breakthrough of scaled phototrophic algae production has not yet occurred

March 2014 – bioPROBE with cooling

The first automatic sampling systems of the type bioPROBE MK2 have been delivered to an industrial partner with an included device for chilling the samples in septum-covered vessels. We are happy about our customer’s decision for this innovative system. He is now able to take samples from his bioreactor with a sterile bacteria culture automatically and all around the clock.

February 2014 – in-situ bioreactors

The bbi-biotech brand is known for bioreactors and fermenters on high-end level since decades worldwide. Our xCubio bioreactor series has a modular and flexible construction and are is to adapt to any biotechnological growth process. We have currently delivered our first standardized in-situ sterilzable bioreactor based on our type xCubio TWIN.

January 2014 – bbi’s new team member

Biotechnology companies and manufacturers of biotechnological products currently increase their capacities. We realize increasing interest into our xCubio bioreactor series and our automatic sampling system bioPROBE. Hence we strengthen our staff with experienced and engaged colleagues for consolidating and enlarging our product and service portfolios.

September 2012 – bbi-biotech launches new website.

We have changed our website. You receive detailed information about our products on the corresponding microsites. Here we present our sampling system bioPROBE and our fermenter control unit xCubio. Under Contact / Newsletter you can subscribe to our regular newsletter about bbi-products and other interesting news.

2012 – bbi-biotech moves.

The headquarter of bbi-biotech is located in the Innovationspark Wuhlheide in Berlin. Our new address is: Köpenicker Str. 325 Haus 12 12555 Berlin. Telephone number: +49 30 65763940.