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Bioreactor and Fermenter Accessories

Beside our xCUBIO bioreactor portfolio bbi-biotech provides different accessories for bioreactor and fermentor operation. The desired component will be added the the scope of supply during an xCUBIO order. Alternatively, the devices are delivered as stand-alone units to expand and upgrade your existing facilities.

xCUBIO exhaust analysis

Our xCUBIO exhaust analysis can easily be connected to every arbitrary bioreactor or fermenter. Expand your installations with sensors for pO2, pCO2 or other gasses.

xCUBIO gasmix station

OurxCUBIO gasmix station can easily be connected to every arbitrary bioreactor or fermenter. Supply your microorganisms with precisely adapted gas mixtures of all available gasses.

Steam Generators

Our steam generators ensure the supply of fermentors / bioreactors, autoclaves and other systems with clean steam for sterilization.

Bioreactor Vessels

We provide new cultivation vessels for your bioreactors. Choose glass, steel or plastics, either in standard sizes or adapted to specific requirements.

Bioreactor vessles diverse types

Additional Accessories for Bioreactors and Fermenters in our Shop!

Probe adapter 25 mm vor probe installation

Where do you get essential spare parts for your bioreactors and fermenters from? We supply a huge number of different technical components, which have been specially designed for biotech applications. Whether Screw-down nuts, O-rings or impellers – we manufacture our portfolio on our own and add parts from proven suppliers. Please contact us, when you are interested into a specific article – you will get professional advice to get the correct part for your installation.

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