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Sampling technology

Sondentechnologie des Probenahmesystems bioPROBE

The bioPROBE System is based on the patented sampling technology, which we use under exclusive license by the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. The sample material is covered with a sterile air bearing when sampled from the cultivation vessel and is afterwards transferred through the probe and a hose set to any collecting vessel. The sampling probes and the whole hose set are produced under clean atmosphere and are supplied pre-sterilized.

The sampling probes do not need any steam supply to ensure sterile conditions, as the internal sealing of the probe’s head prevents from contamination with culture suspension as well as biofilm building. The sampling spot itself cannot be blocked by a biofilm as optional cell filtration for media analyses is done after the sampling process.

A valve is opened inside the culture medium, whereby the sample is conveyed within a sterile air cushion – automatically, dead volume free and accurate to a storage vessel or to the analyzer.


There is no sample material wasting and no biofilm forming!


In the stainless steel version, the probe can be installed and sterilized locally in the in-situ bioreactor or fermenter. The autoclavable plastic version is a packed, pre-sterilized disposable probe and can be inexpensively replaced after each use.