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bioPROBE Technical Data

Our bioPROBE Systems are the closed solution for automatic sampling from bioreactors and fermenters. The whole bioPROBE construction with probe, sterile hose set and control unit can be connected to any bioreactor type, which is available on the market. bioPROBE can be applied in nearly any biotechnological or chemical  process, wherever accuracy, punctuality and frugality are crucial, as the whole system is exclusively constructed with certified components and materials.

Please find below the technical data, which are valid for all bioPROBE Systems

General Technical Data of bioPROBE Systems


Sample Volume from 2 ml (free choice)
Sample Interval from 2 min (unlimited)
Sample Count Up to 5000 sterile samplings in series
Media Connections Sample hoses at case front and sides, media connections (sterile air, flushing) at case backside
Suitable Vessels Glass vessels, steel vessels, plastic vessels or bags, disposable or in-situ autoclavable, laboratory scale up to industrial production
Sample Handling Sample transfer to SAM Systems, specific external analytical devices, other vessels

Additional Features

  • Variable sample volumes within programs
  • Additional spontaneous samplings possible at any time
  • Sampling trigger possible via digital input from elsewhere
  • Sampling log for documentation and quality management
  • Configuration via browser and Ethernet with any OS


  • Flushing system with hose set for normal or intense flushing between samplings
  • Sampling probes in customized design
  • Integration of SAM Sample Handling Systems

Our bioPROBE Systems are the latest state-of-the-art in automatic and sterile sampling. They take the samples automatically and without any dead spaces and enable reliable and reasonable sampling processes during unusual daytimes at night or at weekends. We are able to adapt the automation to your own analytics or to your superior control systems.

Complete Atline Process Analytical Technology is available.