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bioPROBE quad

Automated Sampling from FOUR Bioreactors | Fermenters

bioPROBE quad automatic sterile sampling system

The perfect split of all transfer hoses of the bioPROBE quad allows simultaneous automatic sampling from up to four bioreactors in parallel operation – all around the clock. This protects from fallible manual diligence work during bioreactor and fermenter operations, which often occurs when tiny sampling intervals are crucial.

Systematic or optimization experiments increase data quality, while the staff can concentrate on data analysis and presentation.

The cases of the bioPROBE quad are designed for optimal positioning below our xCUBIO Bioreactors, but they do not require much space under other controllers as well.

bioPROBE quad

Technical Details bioPROBE quad


Basic features Automated sampling from FOUR bioreactors|fermentors
suitable for all bioreactors (disposable, autoclavable, in-situ)
cell-containing sampling (filtration optional)
External devices Autosampler of SAM-Series (Standard)
external Analyzers (optional)
Operation 2-way LED-panel
Browser configuration via Ethernet
Connectors Ethernet
Rinsing Air rinse (standard)
Rinse with cleaning fluid (optional)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
bioPROBE quad
Separate fluid paths – Every bioreactor has its separate fluid path – mixing or corrupting samples is impossible by design.