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Sampling System bioPROBE

bbi-biotech supplies automatic sampling systems for all applications within biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and chemical industry.

Sampling systems by bbi-biotech connect all offline-analytical instruments to every bioreactor type. Bioreactor vessels from stainless steel, glass or disposable materials like bags can be equipped directly or in a bypass. Embedded in a sterile air cushion, the samples are piped through a hose to the analytical instrument. Our plastic or steel probes and all hose materials are produced in a cleanroom and are pre-sterilised.


Automatische Probenahme bioPROBE von bbi-biotech
The Sampling System bioPROBE is…

  • fully automated,
  • dead volume free,
  • working sterile,
  • enabling smallest sampling volumes from 5 to 50 ml,
  • remote controlled or has arbitrary sampling times,
  • using sample probes of different lengths, adapted to specific bioreactor types,
  • working 24h/7d,
  • configurable via PC or Smartphone via browser (e.g. Chrome, IE, Firefox),
  • allowing bbi-biotech’s remote service via web-application
  • and is adaptable to many different customer demands.