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xCUBIO twin

Bioreactor and Fermentor with two Cultivation Vessels

The xCUBIO twin provides space- and resource-saving parallel operation in two vessels with just one single automation. Experiments can be done in steps while both vessels are perfectly split for aseptic conditions. Vessel geometry or equipment variations do allow comparative tests of two different approaches in the meantime. Scale-in-One-Design finally provides integrated scaling with internal inoculum production – fully automated!

Technical Details xCUBIO twin

  • Parallel cultivation or separate operation with two vessels
  • Scale-in-One-Option: fully automated scaling process in just one device!
  • Autoclavable vessels up to 10 litres
  • CIP/SIP-able xCUBIO twin in-situ available
  • Identic vessel equipment or free selection
xCUBIO twin Bioreactor Fermentor

Bioreactor xCUBIO twin

General Information

  • Vessel selection: 0,5, 1, 2, 5 and 10 litres
  • Standard: autoclavable
  • Optional: in-situ, airlift, steel
  • Up to 5 pumps per vessel
  • Up to 6 mass flow controllers per vessel
  • Cell package: sensitive mixing, controlled headspace gassing, integrated perfusion process
Bioreactor xCUBIO twin - Scale-in-One-design with 0,5 l and 2 l vessel

BBioreactor xCUBIO twin – Scale-in-One-design with 0,5 l and 2 l vessel

Integrated Scaling Process

  • Free combination of selected vessels
  • Automatic harvest into scaled vessel, controlled by unrestricted parameter sequences – free selection
  • Integrated inoculum production
  • Two different cultivation vessels, just one single automation
  • Space saving and resource protecting