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xCUBIO sub

xCUBIO sub – for Disposable Bioreactors

Different disposable vessels can be connected to the bioreactor control unit xCUBIO sub. This bioreactor combines the adavantages of disposable bioreactor systems with a high-end biotechnology process control system. The manufacturers of dispoable bioreactors often use sensor technologies with relevant differences to standard systems. Hence, process control systems have to be adapted in their technical specification and automation program. The xCUBIO sub is equipped with adapted sensor controllers and driver electronics to be directly connected to the specific sensors of the disposable bioreactor. There is no more need for a complete bioreactor purchase and the xCUBIO sub ensures optimized interfaces to disposable vessels of many maufacturers.

xCUBIO sub with the CerCell Cell Tank


Our partner CerCell has concentrated on inexpensive and flexible disposable technologies for the biotechnological production industry. CerCell’s disposable bioreactors are built with a central cylindric plastic vessel with the necessary interfaces on top. The vessels are available up to 30 L operating volume.We adapted the xCUBIO sub to CerCell’s bioreactor types SUB and SUF. The prefabricated sensor plugs and the adapted automation program of this specific xCUBIO sub provide the platform for building a successful production plant with CerCell products.


xCubio SUB bioreactor with CerCell's disposable CellTank

xCUBIO sub – GE / Xcellerex


bbi-biotech supported the development of GE Healthcare & Life Sciences’ disposable Xcellerex bioreactors with an adapted xCUBIO sub. This specific system has successfully automated the first approaches of the XDR-series, which is available with operating volumes from 50 up to 2000 Liters today.


xCubio SUB bioreactor with disposable Excellerex system

xCUBIO sub with ATMI Icellis nano (PALL corp.)


The PALL corporation provides a scalable disposable bioreactor for matrxi culativation of sensitive microorganisms, called iCELLis™. bbi-biotech has upgraded the standard controller of an iCELLis nano (Operating volume 1 L, cultivation surface up to 5 m²/L) with an xCUBIO sub and has successfully enabled the detection of all process parameters. The specific xCUBIO sub is equipped with the following technical components:

  • Feed regulation of 4 gasses (air, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxyde) with mass flow controllers
  • 2 gas outputs  for different gassing positions
  • 2 peristaltic pulse width modulated pumps; 2 peristaltic speed controlled pumps
  • 3 balances + 2 gravimetric flow controllers for highly accurate dosing
  • Pressure measurement- and control (here as safety function for plastic vessel protection)
  • 1 conductivity sensor (for foam control and as level signal)
  • 1 filter heating for exhaust filter
  • Control of an dditional external pump
  • Control of specific magnetic drive
  • Control of specific tempering
  • GMP-conform data storage
  • Additional data export via USB interface in csv-format
  • Option for parallel integration of a second vessel

xCubio SUB bioreactor with disposable PALL / ATMI system

Do you plan to use any type of disposable bioreactor and need a process automation? Feel free to contact us to discuss the details.