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xCUBIO single

Most Compact Bioreactor or Fermentor with Maximal Equipment Opportunities

The xCUBIO single supplies all basics for successful process developments and well-controlled productions of small batches in both biotechnological research and industry. Your new cultivation system provides space and interfaces for prospective modifications or upgrades, while the simple handling of xCUBIO single allows highest level work.


Technical Details xCUBIO single

  • Up to 10 peristaltic pumps with free purpose allocation
  • Up to 12 Mass Flow Controller for manifold gassing solutions
  • Unlimited sensor and controller selection
  • Maximized equipment for each bioreactor or fermentor
  • All applications from basic microbiology to high-end mammalian cell culture
xCUBIO single Fermentor

Starter Kit Microbiology

  • Autoclavable cultivation glass vessel with round bottom
  • Operating volumes: 0.5, 1, 2, 5 or 10 litres
  • Valuable stainless steel top plate with sensors and additional ports for exhaust, sampling feed, harvest and spares
  • Stainless steel vessel support
  • Powerful stirrer sarting from 0 rpm with optimal mixing performance
  • Sensors and controllers for temperature and oxygen
  • Pulsed gassing with air and oxygen
  • xCUBIO automation with 10″-touchscreen
 xCUBIO single for cultivation of anaerobic and aerobic Bacteria

Options and Extensions

  • Single-wall vessels, autoclavable steel vessels, single-use vessels
  • Integrated automatic, aseptic sampling system bioPROBE
  • Integrated exhaust analyser O2, CO2 incl. online-calculation of gas consumption rates (RQ)
  • Bidirectional integration into superior process control system via OPC
  • Additional available sensor technology:
    1. Turbidity inline and in bypass
    2. Vessel overflow protection and level control
    3. Conductivity and redox potential
    4. Balances for cultivation vessels and/or media vessels
    5. And much more… Please contact us!
 xCUBIO sub single-use disposable bioreactor ATMI Pall

Supplementary Equipment Cell Culture

  • Sensitive stirrer starting from 0 rpm with high transfer rates
  • MFC-controlled gassing with air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen with separate headspace gassing
  • Sensors for foam and level, integrated exhaust analyser O2 and CO2
  • Balances for cultivation and feed vessels
  • xCUBIO automation cell with prepared perfusion sequences
xCUBIO phar High-End Photobioreactor

Special Equipment Set xCUBIO phar

  • High-end cultivation of microalgae and other phototropic organisms in the world’s smallest tubular glass photobioreactor
  • Operating volume: 3.5 to 4.5 litres
  • Fully autoclavable equipment
  • Flexible LED-illumination with specific wavelength control
  • Multiple sequences, e.g. daylight cycles, tempering profiles and process-dependent feed
  • Accurate balancing with exact gas feeding and subsequent exhaust analyser
  • >>> More about our photobioreactors!
 xCUBIO sub single-use disposable bioreactor

Special Equipment Set xCUBIO sub

  • Cultivation in disposable single-use vessels of every type
  • Multi-vendor application
  • Already several different concepts successfully implemented
  • Equipped for optical, disposable sensors
  • GMP-compliant, qualifiable and validable design
  • >>> More about xCUBIO sub