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xCUBIO retrofit

The Plug-In-Upgrade for your Bioreactor or Fermenter

Bioreactors and Fermenters of every type and scale are the backbone of biotechnological production. But operators of aged but still high-value installations are more and more often confronted with even small damages of automation systems, which block further operation of the valuable equipment. xCUBIO retrofit presents a solution, which restarts your installation in a really short time!

  • Precise record of existing functions and potential extensions
  • Exact rebuild of existing processes
  • Integration of all extensions in just one automation
  • Just one central touchscreen display for all installed devices
  • Plug-in compatible delivery
  • No limits to type, scale or manufacturer of the original system
xCUBIO retrofit on Biostat MD - DCU-Replacement
The xCUBIO retrofit exactly maps all functions and control circuits of your old automation. In addition, potential external analytical devices, upgrades or other add-ons, e.g. pumps or balances, are being summarized in the new device, which facilitates operation. The retrofit package as well covers the intuitive touch-screen, license-free remote access, extensive analytical functionalities and a self-explanatory sequence editor.
xCUBIO retrofit Fermenter Upgrade/Reparatur Biostat C
You continue the use of your existing and valuable vessels, supports and actuators like valves or mass flow controllers. Only stirrer drives may have to be replaced, but a specifically designed shaft adapter reduces costs to a minimum. The overall replacement of the old automation is done within few hours, as xCUBIO retrofit will be supplied plug-in-compatible.
Dismount – Install – Connect – Calibrate – Ready!
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