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Exhibitions & Conferences – Retrospectives

Exhibitions & Conferences 2017

10.Bundealgenstammtisch 2017

bbi-biotech presented at 10. Bundesalgenstammtisch in the Ständehaus in Merseburg the new xCUBIO phar spirale – the smallest tubular photobioreactor in the world – now with 4 or 8 separately adjustable LED wave lengths. Special highlight – the customer himself can determine, with which wave lengths his xCUBIO phar photobioreactor will be equipped.

Exhibitions & Conferences 2016

Visit us at Analytica 2016, 10.-13.Mai, Messe Munich – We show xCUBIO multi, xCUBIO in-situ, xCUBIO phar, bioPROBE and multiSAM!

We look forward to welcome you from Mai 10th to 13th on the Analytica 2016 at the Munich Fairground, Germany, in Hall A3, booth 325. Discover the novel bioreactor concept xCUBIO multi with its central operating terminal and let yourself get introduced into our unrivalled sampling system bioPROBE, connected to the novel Autosampler multiSAM. Feel free to discuss your ideas with our experts and check the opportunities of our biotech products.

Please read our related news for more information.

Exhibitions & Conferences 2014

Our automatic sampling system at the BioTech 2014: 4. & 5. September in Zurich, Switzerland

CEO Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm presents our automatic sterile sampling system bioPROBE with a lecture and an additional workshop at this year’s BioTech Chemical Sensors Forum on Bioprocess Analytics and Sensor Technology. The Forum happens on September 4th and 5th at the Campus Grüenetal of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Wädenswil, Switzerland.

New prospects for process control

Automatic Sterile Sampling System bioPROBEMr. Wilhelm presents our sampling system bioPROBE within his lecture, titled “New prospects for process control using universal sampling systems”, and demonstrates the unique opportunities of this innovative system. The bioPROBE allows sterile and automated sampling of even smallest samples from bioreactors and fermenters of any type without the presence of any operating staff. Sampling processes are possible even on weekend, during holiday or during overnight cultivations without additional security issues or increased expenditure on personnel.

In addition, Mr. Wilhelm will present bioPROBE‘s different opportunities on sampling handling. Next to the central process of simple sampling into cutomer’s collecting vessels from 5 up to 50 ml, bioPROBE can be combined with our sample cooling device coolSAM for storage and fixation of the sample. Another opportunity is the orbitSAM fraction collector for increased sample numbers. Even atline-analyses can be realized with the complete control technology of the bioPROBE, e.g. the sample transfer to automatic cytometers like the vi-cell from Beckman Coulter.

We look forward to your visit at this conference and your interesting questions. Please find more information on program, venue and registration on the conference’s website

Update from the happening

B.-U. Wilhelm about innovative sampling systems

B.-U. Wilhelm at the end of his lecture. Thanks to Mr. Tillich from Finesse.

Exhibitions & Conferences 2012


Our distributor Armin Baack presented our sampling system bioPROBE MK1 at his booth.

Exhibition & Conferences 2011


Our distributor Armin Baack presented our sampling system bioPROBE MK1 at his booth.

Exhibition & Conferences 2010


Presentation of our sampling system bioPROBE MK1 and cooling sample collector coolSAM at the pavilion Germany of the Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft „made in Germany“.

Dechema Vortrags- und Diskussionstagung “Bioprozessorientiertes Anlagendesign”

bbi-biotech articlePoster presentation: „Universales, vollautomatisches Probenahmesystem für Bioreaktoren“

Exhibition & Conferences 2009



Presentation of a prototype of the sampling system


Presentation of sampling device and possible connections to analytical devices and applications

Technische Universität Berlin Symposium

“PAT – new possibilities by universal sampling devices”